PUBG Mobile adds Sanhok map and number of new weapons, vehicles in the 0.8.0 update

PUBG mobile received a new v 0.8.0 update for its mobile app on the Android and iOS platforms, bringing the new Sanhok map and number of new weapons, vehicles.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds alias PUBG has received a new v 0.8.0 update for its mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. The new version 0.8.0 update adds up a new mini-map named  Sanhok – which was a map earlier only available in Xbox and PC versions of the PUBG game. Also, Tencent has introduced some measures to stop hackers,people who use mod and made the other additions to make the PUBG gameplay quite more interesting.

The PUBG Mobile is an online battle game which is quite similar to its Xbox One and PC versions and it has some limitations. In game,the 100 players parachute (jump) onto a big battlefield where they then need to cloths,find vehicles and weapons and win the game by becoming the last person standing.

Although if you are a PUBG mobile player you may have already known about the game.

SO , Whats new in the Update of PUBG Mobile Version 0.8.0 ?

The update adds up the following items :

New weapons

  • Flare Gun
  • QBZ
  • Duckbill
  • vehicles.

The Flare Gun, when used, will call a super air drop in the playzone or a bulletproof UAZ outside of the playzone.

To have a additional recognition for playing pubg mobile game, the Tencent has also added more achievements to unlock, new clan perks, clan titles and the rankings. There’s also the addition of a ‘ Collect all ’ button for collecting rewards of all completed missions.

  • Lucky air drops after a match,
  • addition of a ‘ Collect all’ button for collecting reward
  • addition of a royale pass which will make new missions available.

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