Electric vehicle change the automobile industry

As we see now a days intoduction of electrical vehicles how how to automobile mobile industry is growing day by it is generally due to technical advancement in industry ,it can be either due to high rise in price of consumable like petrol,diesel or it may be to control pollution Impact on India Once India’s […]

Best Android And IOS VPN Apps

We all need safety right? We keep everything so secure. so what about our online security? Who is going to take care of that. Moreover, online security is very important, especially after the Facebook data breach scandal. The whole world was in shock. even after all this you yet have secured your online identity then its […]

Traffic networking using google map

When we start finding any new place we always use google maps for it and its app name called google map ,it tells us all information from distance,time taken,traffic in route,have we ever thought how all this happen and works lets start- Google Maps knows when there’s traffic Every time you use Google Maps and […]

One More Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Collaboration

Recently, official statements from Fortnite were issued which spoke about Fortnite launching exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 along with Essential phones. Now, there is news about an exclusive Galaxy skin that players have unearthed. This happened while players looked through the updated game files after the release of the latest patch for the popular battle royale title. If sources are to be believed, […]

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Aim-Bot Hack

The Action Mania of PUBG is still Continuing and PUBG is Ranked as the #1 Multiplayer Action in the Steam Community.its been a Year the power packed Adrenalin pushing game had Started.Many Players Around the world are fighting to Rank As the no 1 pro Gamer in PUBG.Though Any Battling Stations were Not Organised Many Pro YouTube Gamer are making […]

Fortnite Battle Royale for Android

Fortnite offers a free 100 Player Vs Player (PvP) Battle Royale game mode. Just like PUBG, you’re dropped onto the large island.You must arm yourself and outlive your competition.In Fortnite, you always start out armed with a Pickaxe which can be used as a melee weapon or for Collecting raw supplies for building walls, ramps etc.. How To […]

Fortnite Will be Released on Android Soon

The gaming industry has been a rage amongst the youth. Because of the attention around gaming, these games have been developed to fit well on Android and iOS phones. Popular gaming studios like EA Games and Blizzard can be relished easily on Android devices. The graphicsused are fantastic and replicate the experience of gaming consoles and computers. Epic games released Fortnite which is one of the most widely played game […]