5 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved playing video games. Even now I load up a game on the weekends to help burn off some frustration and tension that the past week has built up.

Still, sometimes I dream of playing games for a living. The thing is it actually is possible to make money playing video games! Not all of the options are going to make you rich, but some certainly have potential as money makers.

Here then is my top 7 ways that you can make money playing video games. 

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#1 Game Testing

This! This is what I wanted to do as a kid, and I bet most gamers when asked would agree.

Becoming a games tester actually isn’t that hard, most large game studios have openings for games testers.

The position isn’t glamorous though, in fact it’s often quite the opposite. Games testers generally don’t earn that much money, which wouldn’t be an issue if the job was amazing. It can get quite boring playing the same section of a game over and over all day.

#2 Farming Gold and Items

If games’ testing isn’t boring enough for you, you could always try your hand at farming in game currencies and equipment. Most games, such as World of Warcraft (WoW) actively ban this sort of practice, but some games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CO:GO) actively allow and promote this.

Depending on the game and the virtual product, earnings have the potential to be quite good.

The downside though is the amount of time that is needed to spend farming the stuff in the first place, especially for things like gold where you need a lot of it to earn a small amount of money. WoW gold currently sells for pennies per 1,000 gold which means you would need to farm 300,000 gold to maybe make $100. Maybe…

#3 Creating Game Guides and Walkthroughs

This option is perfect if you know a game inside and out. While some gamers look down upon guides and walkthroughs as basically cheating, a lot of people love them!

With a little bit of time and patience, and a good amount of knowledge you can easily create an e-book that could sell for $15 or more. The difficulties with this option are that you need to get in there early when a game is released in order to beat the rest of the crowd. As well as that you need a place to market the product.

Sure you could do it on your own site, but unless you already get traffic you will likely not sell many.

That leaves the options of places like Amazon, or better yet a targeted site like Killer Guides. Both will take a part of the sale price, but they do open you up to a much larger market.

#4 Showcasing Your “Let’s Play” Videos

With the rise of streaming sites in general, more and more people are watching other people play games.

This could be turned into a gold mine by streaming or posting your game play. Literally, a gold mine. Twitch’s top streamers earn over half a million dollars per month. If streaming is your calling, look no further than our guide on how to make money on Twitch.

You do need to be a talker though. For example, Amazon has a rule that you need to be commentating the video throughout the playtime in order to be eligible for advertisement earnings (I think this has something to do with the games own distribution terms).

#5 Sell Your Characters

In MMO’s, building up characters is a large part of the game. Kitting them out in end game gear takes time, effort and a skill.

What then do you do if you get bored of the game or just want to make some cash? Depending on the game this is likely to be forbidden by the games terms, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still do it.

Places such as Player Auctions allow you to offload your account for a profit. Don’t be dismayed though if it backfires on you or if you only get a paltry fee, people only pay for the best of the best when they are gaming the system (pun intended!).

Post Author: Udit Agarwal

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